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What kind of weight lifting will make my punches faster instead of slowing them down?

What kind of weight lifting will make my punches faster instead of slowing them down and at the same time ofcourse making me stronger.

Is doing the traditional up to the shoulder and down to the leg standing up motion the right way for what I'm saying?

I already have the weights to use.

So what I'm asking is do I have the right format to gain strength while increasing speed instead of decreasing it.

You basically have two types of muscles when you talk about sports. Fast twitch and slow twitch. Fast twitch are fast firing and not large powerful muscles like their slow twitch counter parts that fire slow. A good example is running and then running and hitting something and driving it like a foot ball lineman. How well those two interact and your abundance of fast twitch muscles will give you the ability to act and react faster and better. Power-lifters are an example of people with an abundance of slow twitch muscles.

For developing your fast twitch muscles and increasing your speed and decreasing your reaction time you want to do circuit type weight training. That is an entire body type workout with light to medium weight and a high number of repetitions. It is also better if you do the extension exercises last and the contraction exercises first. An example of a contraction type would be a leg curl or bicep curl and extension exercise a leg extension or a seated row or an up row. Along with this plyometrics are also very good for this and I have included a web site for those below to help get you started. If you do a search on circuit type weight training with free weights I am sure you can get several hits and find one that will work well for you in accomplishing this.


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